Frequently asked questions about using Scenery

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What are the most used keyboard shortcuts in Scenery?In Scenery, you can use keyboard shortcuts to quickly finish many tasks. Shortcuts for common commands are listed below.
How do I save team brand assets?
How do I resize my timeline?
How do I add titles to my video?
How do I animate my media, text, and shapes?You have the ability to add animations to videos, text, and other elements. Customize its duration, scale, fade, direction, and more.
How do I add shape elements to my video?Shapes will allow you to get your story and vision across to your audience through unique graphics
How do I clean my audio?New functionality in Scenery gets rid of ambient noise in one click
How do I get better visibility and zoom into the preview player?Edit something in the preview player (such as your text) and zoom into that part of the video so you can be granular with your edit!
How do I add audio files/music to my video?Scenery's stock media library offers a wide range of content to choose from, including Shutterstock music!
How do I export and download my video?
How do I adjust, fade, or monitor my audio levels?
How do I navigate the canvas?The canvas allows you to draft out ideas, storyboard or create templates. Some like to describe the canvas as their “organized mess"
How do I add a transition?
How do I add an effect?
How to add custom fonts and preview Scenery fontsImport your team's fonts for a seamless experience when working on multiple projects
How do I set/change my scene settings?Scenery makes it easy to reuse videos for different platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and your website!
How do I adjust the color in my video?
How do I add clips to my scene from my transcript?Transcribing your video lets you decide what soundbite you want a lot quicker. Learn how to add clips to your scene from the transcript.
How do I save clips from my transcript?Transcribing your video lets you decide what soundbite you want a lot quicker. Learn how to easily save clips from the transcript.
How do I use Google Photos?Access your Google Photos directly in Scenery
How do I generate automatic subtitles for my video?Scenery streamlines the process for generating automatic captions and subtitles, just follow along the steps below!
Why is my project crashing?If your project size is too big, you might have seen an error message
What media does Scenery support?Scenery supports the following video, still image, and audio formats:
How to provide feedback in Scenery
Redeeming a promo codeHow to enter your discount or promo code at checkout for promotions or for help from customer support.
How to navigate Scene TranscriptsView the transcript for an entire Scene. Scan and edit your entire Scene’s content more easily with a new Scene-level transcript panel.
How to create and adjust audio keyframesPrecisely adjust volume up and down for different moments within the same clip to precisely control the audio for your videos.
How to transcribe media in another languageNow you can transcribe and subtitle your videos in more than 20 new languages — including German, French, Spanish, and tons more.
How to stay on brand with Scenery’s Brand Kit
How to upload media from your mobile browser