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How do I set/change my scene settings?
How do I set/change my scene settings?

Scenery makes it easy to reuse videos for different platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and your website!

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Setting an aspect ratio

When you initially create a Scene, you will be asked to set your aspect ratios. You can choose the aspect ratio you want a video to have. We have pre-set aspect ratios, but you also have the option to customize the aspect ratio.

Once you set the aspect ratio, you can easily fit or fill the video to the frame. Use "Fit in Frame" if you want to ensure that the whole video appears in the frame.

Use "Fill the Frame" if you want to zoom in on a certain part of the video. If you use the fill feature, you can easily move it around so it looks just how you intended.

Changing your Scene's aspect ratio

Perhaps you just duplicated your Scene and you're looking to adjust your scene settings for another social platform. It's super easy!

First, make sure you can see your scene settings in your properties panel. If you're not there, select the word "Scene" or any blank space within your timeline in order to get there. Now, within the properties section, select the pencil icon to rename your Scene and alter your scene settings. Once you select the preset aspect ratio or custom dimension you like, select continue.

Once again, easily fit or fill the video to the frame.

Pro tips:

  1. Scenery's Canvas mode makes it very easy to make multiple versions of a video, but with different dimensions. When in canvas mode, you can simply right-click a Scene to duplicate your Scene or use shortcut key, command D. From here, feel free to adjust each version as you see fit.

  2. If you have a title or two on your scene, notice how the title conforms to the new aspect ratio once you adjust your Scene settings.

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