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Become a Scenery power user
Become a Scenery power user

Learn the ins and outs of Scenery

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AI EditorQuickly generate a focused edit for a video by describing what you want with a prompt-based UI
Moving your scenes from Scenery to Premiere ProQuick guide on how to move from Scenery to Premiere.
Centralized search across all assetsSearch across your entire asset library with a more powerful, centralized search.
Editing in the TimelineEditing in Scenery just got simpler.
Invite support to a projectA person (human, not a bot) can now help you live on your project
Google Photos IntegrationAccess your Google Photos directly in Scenery
Timeline Mode ResizingCustomize your timeline in the way that works best for you
Best practices for favoriting or rejecting mediaYou no longer have to spend time writing out comments just to say that you want to use (or not use) a clip, instead favorite or reject media
Navigating the home page🏠 The Scenery home page is a nice way to get an overview of your team projects and activity
Navigating the Canvas👩‍🎨 The canvas allows you to draft out ideas, storyboard or create templates. Some like to describe the canvas as their “organized mess"
Inviting members to a team👫 Scenery allows you to collaborate with your colleagues or other stakeholders. Learn how to invite others into your Scenery team.
How to create a project📽 Creating a new project is so easy. When selecting “Create New Project”, you will be guided to a few options for getting started.
Creating a team collection📁 Creating a new collection will help you access brand assets that are universal to your team.
How to transcribe clips and add them to my editTranscribing your video let's you decide what soundbite you want a lot quicker
Saving and commenting on clips from your transcript