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Invite support to a project

A person (human, not a bot) can now help you live on your project

Updated over a week ago

Scenery has always placed customer support as one of our key goals. Now, we’re taking it to a new level: a real person on Scenery’s team can jump into a project with you, live.

Let’s paint a picture: you’re working on an edit and you get stuck. Maybe you can’t find a feature, maybe you’re working through a complex edit, or something else.

Instead of being stuck or waiting for someone to respond to your help request ticket, we can jump into your project with you at the time when you need help.

Here's how to Invite Scenery for Support:

  1. Select the help button within Scenery

  2. Choose "Invite Support to project" from the menu

  3. Once selecting this option, select the project you are looking to get help with

  4. Briefly describe what you are looking to get support on

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